Gamers for Christ started as a Rainbow6 club on We are not all in the same clan, but, if you play Rainbow6 on, you can find us by the


tag we wear in the games.

This is not a restricted club by any means. In fact, anyone who wants to wear the tag is welcome to. So if you play another game on another server or any game on any server for that matter, you are welcome to wear the tag. For an explaination on how to make those crazy looking letter you see, go here.

Here is a list of the current players wearing the tag and what game(s) they play. If you wear the tag and would like to be added go here.

[ Screen Name: ]
[ Real Name: ]
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[ Games played: ]
R6, EW, CO, CS, QuakeIII, SC, AOEII, D2
St. Lazaruss
R6, EW, AOE2, Thief, RS
St. Cyprian
R6, EW, UT
St. Caesarius
R6, EQ

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