Here is an explaination for how to make the ||g|| tag.

The two bars at the beginning and end of the tag are called pipes. You find it on your keyboard on the upper right. It is the same key as the [backslash] (\) and is usually between the [enter] key and the [backspace] key. Get it by pressing [shift] before pressing the [backslash].

The "g" is a normal lower-case "g."

The "" and "" are called ascii. To make them in the game you must use what is called an alt+code. First make sure that your numlock is on. Then while holding down [alt] press these keys on your number pad (or keyboard if you are using a Mac).

On a PC:
= 159
= 155

On a Mac:
= f
= 4

And finish off the tag with 2 more pipes.


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